Join the Great Kereru Count and help our kereru thrive! During this two-week period, you can make a report anytime you see kereru (New Zealand wood-pigeon). If you look for more than 5 minutes and don't see any kereru, please report that, too.


If you have a smartphone, download the Thundermaps application, click on 'Public Library', and then report your observations on-the-go.

Kereru Count Gallery

If you'd like to see some pictures captured by our kereru counters check out our kereru gallery

When the count is finished The Kiwi Conservation Club and Kereru Discovery will share the information gathered with scientists and community groups so we can help boost kereru numbers across the country!

If you would like to learn more about our kereru, visit our KCC site. 

If you are having trouble making a Kereru Report, or want assistance or more information, please contact KCC Manager Tiff Stewart:

Photo credit: Micheal Hamilton