The Great Kereru Count 2014 concluded on Sunday 5th October. Over 7,000 kereru reports were made, and 14,194 kereru were counted! Thanks to everyone who participated.  Read on to see some results.

Northland Area Reports made: 395                   Kereru counted: 624

Auckland Area Reports made: 1332                   Kereru counted: 1983

Wellington Area Reports made: 2087               Kereru counted: 3792

Canterbury Area Reports made: 147                  Kereru counted: 346

Dunedin Area Reports made: 864                     Kereru counted: 1542

Southland Area Reports made: 138                   Kereru counted: 257

Click here to see a map showing all reports made during the Great Kereru Count. 

The map below shows density of reports across the whole country. Each slightly translucent dot shows one observation, so where the concentration is strong the dots build up into bright blue clusters. There’s an obvious concentration on the population centres, which we expected, but there are strong contributions from some less inhabited areas, such as Taranaki, Great Barrier Island, west of Nelson, Westland, and the Catlins.


Kereru Count Gallery

Over 150 photos were submitted by kereru counters. Some of them can be seen in this Forest & Bird Facebook album. Feel free to add yours!

The information we gathered will soon be available to scientists and community groups, so we can help boost kereru numbers across the country!

If you would like to learn more about our kereru, visit our KCC site. 

Photo credit: Micheal Hamilton